Great Video From “Alaska Dan”

This was put together by my friend Dan, who I met on my 1st day on the Pacific Crest Trail last year. He, along with Gabriel & Marmot and myself, rode out to the PCT’s southern terminus together, and began our trek together from the border.

Dan is from Unalaska, Alaska, and is a videographer up there, working on different projects including “Deadliest Catch,” among other shows. A very talented, very genuine guy, it was more than a pleasure to walk with him and experience the trail for the time we did.

Dan made it 500 miles up the trail last year, and had expressed a desire to get back to the trail “Someday.” Well, that “Someday” turned out to be less than a year later, as he headed out again in April, 2012! You can catch some of his new videos up of the current journey on his YouTube channel. For now, here’s the link to last years “Alaska Dan” hike.

ALASKA DAN’S 2011 HIKE VIDEO  <——- Click to watch!

What is really special to me about this video is that Dan and I started together at the same time, and not only hiked & camped together, but also got to know the same people. The other hikers in this video are very special to me, and hold a spot in my heart. Good people, and captured wonderfully by a good guy. If you look closely, you might see a funny looking guy named “Rawhide” in there as well. 🙂



(My new project to help raise awareness for human trafficking is coming along well. Hop on over to that site if you’d like to see the latest on how it’s coming. Have just posted some new photos on the bike that will be used for the trip, it’s really wild! CLICK HERE TO GO CHECK IT OUT!)

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