The PCT Gear List – 2011

The List!

This section is was a work in progress, but I’ve pretty much obtained almost all of my gear, except for the following:

  • Prescription Sunglasses: I’m nearsighted, not terribly, but I do want to see everything in as much of it’s glory as possible. Safer, too, so I don’t wander over a cliff. 🙂 Will be using my sunglasses most of the time, so need to find good frames that are prescription compatible.
  • Prescription Glasses: For those times I want to see, but the sun isn’t up. 🙂
This list includes how much each item weighs + the company that manufactures it. At the bottom is a little “Thanks” section as well.

    For a list with visuals (being updated), visit the detailed gear list located —> here! 


    PCT 2011 Gear List

    (“^^” denotes gear carried from Sierras —> north only. Some items will be “bounced” ahead, from one town to the next until needed via a “bounce box“– a package mailed to myself via general delivery — referred to in list as “BB”)

For a list with visuals (being updated), visit the detailed gear list located —> here!

        • Pack: McHale “SubPop” (thanks to Dan McHale)
        • Food: AlpineAire (Tim, you are amazing, and can rock a hair net!)
        • Backpack Shoulder Pouch: ZPacks “Shoulder Pouch” (thanks to Joe at ZPacks)
        • Wide brimmed hat:  OutdoorResearch “Seattle Sombrero” (thanks to Brian A. from BPL)
        • Bug Head Net: MLD Bug Head Net (thanks to Andrew Skurka)
        • Balaclava (sleeping): BPL “Cocoon Pro 90″ balaclava(thanks to Andrew Skurka)
        • Long sleeve hooded top: Patagonia “R1 Hoodie” (thanks to Steve Rain @ BPL)
        • Vest: Patagonia wind vest (thanks to Chad Helmke @BPL)
        • Insulated Jacket: Patagonia “Nano Puff” jacket(Thanks to  @ BPL)
        • Gloves: Arctery’x “Delta SV” (thanks to  @BPL)
        • Mitts: Outdoor Research “Goretex Overmitts”  (thanks to William Johnsen @BPL)
        • Waterproof bottoms: TrailLite Designs “Cloud Kilt”  (thanks to Thom Darrah of TrailLite Designs)
        • Gaiters: Outdoor Research “Flex-Tex” gaiters (thanks to William Johnsen @BPL)
        • Tarp: Alpinlite Gear “Stratiform II” tarp(thanks to Gen Shimizu, Alpinlite Gear)
        • Sleeping Quilt:  Jacks ‘R’ Better “Sierra Sniveller” (thanks to the ‘Jacks’ @ Jacks’R’Better)
        • Bivy: BPL “Vapr Bivy” (thnks to  @ BPL)
        • Groundsheet: Tyvek groundsheet (thanks to Gen Shimizu, Alpinlite Gear)
        • Tent Stakes: Easton 6″ aluminum tent stakes  (thanks to Gen Shimizu, Alpinlite Designs)
        • Cookware: MSR “Titan” Titanium Kettle(thanks to  @ BPL)
        • Ice Axe: Camp “Corsa” (thanks to Andrew Skurka)
        • Trekking Poles (thanks to  @ BPL)
        • Headlamp #2: Princeton Tec “Eos”(thanks to Thom Darrah)
        • Music: iPod Shuffle(thanks to Jordan Pratt)
        • Food Dehydrator (Christmas thanks to Joan Muir) Won’t be going on the hike, but the food it makes will be!

      Pack: McHale Packs “Windsauk” with two side water bottle pouches: 46oz.

      Shoulder Pouch: ZPacks Cuben Pouch: .3oz.

      Pack Liner: Mountainfitter Cuben Fiber: 1.5oz.

      CLOTHING: (from the head down)

      ^^Hat: Outdoor Research “Seattle Sombrero”: 3.2oz.

      Visor: GoLite visor: 2.0oz. (extra sun protection by draping bandana under top of visor)

      Beanie: Sherpa Adventure Gear “Sangye” wool: 3.5oz.

      ^^Bug Head Net: MLD Head Net: .5oz.

      Balaclava (regular): Smartwool Balaclava: 1.75oz.

      ^^Balaclava (insulated): BPL Cocoon Pro 90″: 2.4oz. (for sleeping)

      Bandana: .16oz. (x2)

      Poncho/Rain Top: GoLite “Poncho Tarp”: 7oz.

      Wind Shirt: GoLite windshirt: 3.2oz

      ^^Wind Shirt: Patagonia “Houdini”: 3.7oz.

      Long Sleeve Shirt: REI “Sahara” shirt

      Long Sleeve Top: Patagonia “R1 Hoodie”: 11.2oz.

      ^^Insulated Jacket: Patagonia “Nano Puff”: 11.3oz.

      Gloves: Arctery’x “Delta SV”: 1.9oz.

      ^^Mitts: OR “Rain Mitts”: 2.8oz.

      Pants: The North Face “Paramount Peak Convertible” pant: 17.6oz.

      Briefs: ExOfficio “Give-N-Go” boxer brief: 3oz. (1 pair worn, 1 pair in BB)

      ^^Baselayer (bottoms): Patagonia “Capilene 2”: 5.7oz.

      ^^Waterproof Bottoms: TrailLite Designs “Cloud Kilt”: 1.6oz.

      Gaiters: Outdoor Research “Flex-Tex”: 3.8oz.

      Socks (lightweight liners): Patagonia “Lightweight Crew”: 1.4oz.(3 pr)(1 worn, 2 in BB)

      Socks (midweight): Smartwool “Trekking Heavy Crew”: 3.2oz. (2 pair)(1 worn, 1 in BB)

      ^^Socks (heavyweight): Wool: 3.6oz. (2 pair) (1 pair in BB, the other for sleeping in)

      Shoes: Section 1: Asics “Trail Attack 7” trail running shoe (240z./pair); Section 2: GoLite “Comp” trail running shoe (24oz./pair); Section 3: GoLite “Timber Lite” lightweight hiking boots (34oz./pair); Section 4: Either GoLite “Comps” trail runners, or GoLite “Timber Lite” boots, whichever seems best at the time.

      Shoe Inserts: Superfeet “Blue” inserts after section 1.

      Camp Shoes: Sprint Aquatics “Nylon Mesh Shoe”:  1.8oz/pair.


      ^^Tarp: Alpinlite Gear “Stratiform III” tarp: 13.8oz.

      Backup shelter: GoLite “Poncho Tarp” (used as shelter during desert portion, poncho thereafter in wetter portions)

      Sleeping Quilt: Jacks’R’Better “Sierra Sniveller” quilt (long): 24oz.

      Cuben Quilt Stuff Sack (MountainFitters): .2oz

      Bivy: BPL “Vapr”: 8.3oz. (with bug netting and custom side zip)

      Sleeping Pad: ThermaRest “Z/Rest”:  12oz.

      Groundsheet: Alpinlite Designs Tyvek w/ stakeouts: to be weighed

      Tarp Stakes: Easton 6″ aluminum stakes: 2.8oz. (.34oz. ea. x 8 )

      Guylines: .8oz.


      Stove (part 1): Homemade cat food can stove: .5oz.

      Stove (part 2): Ikea pot stand/wood burner (see thread on BPL “MYOG”) 3.7oz.)

      Cookware: MSR “Titan Kettle”: 4.2oz.

      2 titanium stakes (for stove): Mountainfitter: .4 oz. (.2oz. each x 2)

      Windscreen: Aluminum foil: .2oz.

      Fuel bottle: 8oz. sized apathecary bottle: .5oz. (empty)

      Fire source #1: Bic disposable mini lighter: .4oz.

      Fire source #2: H2O proof matches: .1oz.

      Emergency fire tinder: Cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly: .5oz.

      Utensil: Long-handled AlpineAire spoon: 1.0oz.

      Food Bag: ZPacks Cuben “Blast”: .85oz.

      *^^Bear Canister: Garcia Model 812: 2.7 lbs. (looking at lighter options, but I do own this one)(also, ONLY Sierras)


      Water Filtration:

      – Big Stuff: Bandana + coffee filters

      – Funnel w/ small filter screen: 1.2oz.

      – Small stuff: Aqua Mira: 1.5oz.

      – Steripen “Adventurer (after Aqua Mira runs out): 3.6oz

      Water Storage:

      – 2 liter soda bottles: 1.9oz. ea. ( x 2 in the desert)

      – 1 liter Arizona ice tea bottle: 1.2 oz. (x2)


      Petzl eLite: .9oz.

      Princeton Tec “Eos”: 3.1oz.

      9 hour candle (for nighttime reading/emergency firestarter): 1.2oz

      Waist strap for PT “Eos”: .7oz.


      Apple “Touch 4G”: 3.6oz. (hi-def video, video editing, journaling, wi-fi, etc.)

      Digital Camera (compact): Canon PowerShot SD 1200 IS Elph (10 megapixel): 4.2oz.

      Cuben Camera pouch: ZPacks: .1oz.

      Otterbox Protective Case: (made for “Touch”): 4oz. (That’s for you, Jayna)  🙂

      2 Aloksak 6″x6″: electronics protection: .7oz.

      Pen: .2oz.

      Paper: (back of section maps)


      Toothbrush w/ shortened handle: .3oz.

      Toothbrush cap: .1oz

      Bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap/toothpaste: .7oz

      Aloksak 5″x4″ for TP: .5oz. (w/TP)

      Wipes (“Wet Ones”): 1.1oz.

      Balm jars for sunscreen, hydropel: .7oz.

      Dropper bottle (for isopropyl alcohol): .3oz.

      Chapstick: .2oz.

      Plastic Mirror (doubles as emergency reflector): 1.0oz.


      Compass: 1.0oz.

      Aloksak 6″x9″ (for quick access to Nav materials needed): .5oz.

      Gallon sized Ziplock (for remainder of navigational materials): .5oz.

      Watch/altimeter tool: don’t have one yet. Weight TBD.

      PCT Guidebook: 7oz.

      Copies of maps, etc.: 1.0oz. (per section)

      FIRST AID:

      First Aid Kit: miscellaneous needed items (detailed kit on website later): 1.9oz.


      — Trekking Poles: Mountainsmith “Carbonlite Pro”: 18oz.

      –Knife: Gerber “Mini Paraframe” lock blade: 1.4oz.

      — Prescription sunglasses (protective). Don’t have yet. Weight TBD

      — Glasses (basic/regular). Don’t have yet. Weight TBD.

      — Sunglass case: 2.1oz.

      Paperwork/Permits: License, backcountry permits, cash, CC, etc. (Passport to be mailed farther north)

      ^^Camp Corsa Ice Axe (50cm): 7.2oz.

      ^^ DEET lightweight spray tube: .5oz.


      Assorted cuben stuff sacks & cuben dry bags. (Mountain Fitters and ZPacks): 2.8oz.

      Special Thanks To: (the following people have helped with the items below by either giving me a great deal on the purchase, or by sponsoring me with the use of their products. I am deeply grateful to each and every one of them).






      Not a bad list....

    8 Responses to The PCT Gear List – 2011

    1. Denny says:

      Thanks for answering my camera question on the web site.
      I may see you on the PCT this summer.

    2. Rockin says:

      Hello Dug,
      I might have missed it, but what are you using to charge your phone? I am researching solar chargers and leaning toward the Power Monkey Explorer. Your gear list is amazing and well thought out. You are a super net worker.

      • thf2 says:

        Thanks so much for your encouraging words Rockin’! I’m using the Brunton “Inspire” to recharge on the trail. It obtains a charge through either USB hookup to a computer, or via a cars cigarette lighter. It can also feed off solar, if you hook it up to a separate external solar charger. It carries enough juice to recharge an iPhone 3-4 complete times. If I run out after all that juice, then I deserve it! :). I like it so far, super easy to use, and only 5.5 ounces. Grab one at REI for under $50. And I appreciate you being able to use my list, I was hoping someone could! :). When do you start your hike?

        • Rockin says:

          Thanks for the info. The only reservation I have is you are tied to finding a car or computer to recharge. Am I right? I did not have access to either very often last year on the PCT. I used the GPS on my iPhone quite often on snow covered sections. This year is proving to be the same. I am hoping to be on the trail by mid June when school is out with a very powerful and light charger! 🙂

        • thf2 says:

          I wanted to get back to you…I figured out a way to be able to plug the Brunton “Inspire” recharged into a regular wall socket. If you’re already using an iPhone, bring your standard iPhone wall adaptor. Then, bring a USB cable and hook it from the wall charger to the “Inspire.” Problem solved! This alone just made my day when I figured out how to route it.

    3. michael grosse says:

      it was fantastic meeting you on the trail near the silver lake/bucks lake portion of the PCT in Buck’s wilderness…Since we did some much conversing on gear, Mchale and others, I thought this a good place to drop you a line and say good luck…


    4. A. Pappano says:

      Fantastic list! I am leaving to do the sierras section (central California) on the 29th. The gear list has been a great help – but if anyone is recently reading this i suggest the JOOS Orange and the Goal Zero charger. It’s a little heavy (JOOS – 24oz, GoalZero – 6oz incl batteries) but i have power enough to handle photo, video, maps on my iPhone, digital camera, a flashlight, backup GPS and on other hikes i charge other people’s iPads and phones when we meet up to camp on multi-day trips, nd that was while hiking in tree cover. Since I’m cutting weight everywhere else, this is definitely worth the extra weight and cash.
      ***take your JOOS to the hardware store and get 4 eyelets that match the side threads (#8 machine thread, i think) you can use some guyline to keep it from sliding arond. definitely a bonus.

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