BIKE UPDATE: First Build Pictures!

BIKE UPDATE: First Build Pictures!.

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2 Responses to BIKE UPDATE: First Build Pictures!

  1. Nice ride and it looks like you are preparing for a grand adventure. I am getting married 4/28 and leaving for the CDT on 5/4. Are doing any of the CDT bike route? I guess I will have to eat all the pie in Pie Town. Good luck, and I will keep up with your blog. If you are coming through PA let me know and I will get you a night at the Ironmaster’s Mansion.

    • Hey Jeremy, congratulations! Not much longer until the Big Day, I’ll keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. I am fairly certain I’ll be coming through your neck of the woods on my way from the ‘Burgh to D.C. I’d love a night there! We’ll stay in touch as things move along.

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