Pacific Crest Trail 2011 in Photos (Mexico border to Central Oregon)

Here’s a little “start to finish” of my 2011 PCT (almost)thru-hike, pretty much most of these shots were from my iPod Touch (not great quality) and I have a ton from my Canon Powershot that I will add as well. Hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, shoot them my way in the comment box below!

The “logo,” if you will, of the trip…I think I found that same spot where that picture was taken!

The map…I made it into central Oregon, 2,000 miles.

With the food AlpineAire sponsored me with. Amazingly generous!

The Southern Terminus, and the start

The relative start of the journey…notice the clean-shaven look!

As much as people hated on the desert, I loved it…

This was a typical night’s “room”…Lots of mice here, so I slept with my food bag as a pillow

Desert sunrise

A journey is lonely if not for others…one of my favorite people I met early on, “Condor”

Fun street sign…in the desert?

A water cache that was, alas, waterless.

Rough night a days walk from Warner Springs…

Dancing for a ride to get a free piece of pie!

Paradise Grill lived up to its name. I could have eaten 3 of these!

Heading towards Idyllwid.

Heading out of Idyllwid after the storm was a frosty prospect

Sunrise on Fuller Ridge…I had the best morning views in the world!

Great “trail magic” under I-10!

Just one of the many coolers well-stocked under I-10…

No caption worthy….

Windmills! Looking for Don Quixote…

San Gorgonio Wilderness

Excited for McDonald’s…seriously!

The ensuing devastation. This actually happened.

Loved my Bug-Tent from Yama Mountain Gear.

And loved my tarp from Yama as well…

Nearing the top of Baden-Powell. Great climb. Snow!

On Baden-Powell.

Walked through plenty of burned-out areas…would have loved the shade!

Vasquez Rocks, almost to the Saufley’s!

The Saufley’s…a well-loved place to rest for PCT’ers

Bunches of these tents for the weary hiker to rest…

Me doing a quick resupply management session

No Pain and I

“Condor” and I

What’s a gathering of hikers without a “calf-off?”

Enter “The Grizz,” Grizzly Adam (R)

This pretty much actually happened.

“Stick Man” purifying some water

Half a days worth…

Definitely the path less traveled…for good reason!

One of the cutest parts of the whole trail! Furry friends at Hiker Town

Great “under bridge” rest spot along the aqueduct

“Veg” doing some midday reading

Loved to see the markers on occasion…

Tehachapi, CA

My amazing Tehachapi “trail angels”…

Sunsets and spinning things…

I actually met Bob Holtel, author of “Soul, Sweat and Survival on the Pacific Crest Trail.” He ran the trail in the 1980’s!

Desert Desolateness…

Stayed the night at McIver’s Cabin…along with a couple other late-arriving thru-hikers, and a few large rodents. Awesome!

Weighing my pack at Kennedy Meadows, before heading into the Sierra…28.5 pounds, with 1 liter of water! Nice!

Great camping spot a days hike from Kennedy Meadows.

Taking a break…

Two feet wide and 2,650 miles long….

Heading towards Whitney….


Part of the secret to a fast ascent of the tallest point in the lower 48 states. 🙂

Ascending Whitney, July 5, 2011

Breathe…just breathe….it’s only 15,000 feet, what’s the problem?

The Cabin on top of Whitney…We had a good break in the weather, stoked

Yes…I proudly waved my ‘Terrible Towel’ on top of Mt. Whitney! 🙂


The “Towel” went every step with me…have to rep Steeler Nation!

Grizz had his hat pick a fight with a hungry marmot. Marmot one, hat zero.

View of Whitney from my shelter after the storm passed

Whitney reflected in Guitar Lake

Forester Pass sunset

Forrester pass. Highest Pass on the PCT.

Forrester Pass

Forrester Pass Boogie, baby. Uh. Uh. Bump that. DJ spin that. 2 turntables and a microphone. That’s how I roll over Forrester y’all. 🙂

Amazing feeling looking back to where you just came from, and forward to where you will be going…(Last two photos courtesy of WAC Photography)

Sierra Nevadas. Words can’t express. One of my dads most favorite places on the planet. He inspired me to do this hike. Rest well, pops.

Pinch me. Please. Wait. Nevermind, don’t. I like it here.

“That way.”

One of the most beautiful trails a foot could step upon…

God fingerprints visible everywhere…

Beard still going…

Grizz looking over the next days maps….

Hiker trash

Beware of killer logs and postholes working together.

Tuuolumne Meadows, and an international friend

Water, lots and lots of water

Mosquitoes, anyone?

Stoked! Quick trip to the dentist meant I could hit church! Something I missed on the trail…

Marmot & Gabriel! One of the best nights of the whole journey.

And the beard grows…

Great time with “Veg” at the Peter Grubb hut

“Soulcamp” ’11 in Belden. What a trip to descend into a valley pumping with rave music!

Lisa, my Belden trail angel. I hope you get to hike the trail someday!


Sorry. I had to.

Pancakes! I didn’t get any though… 😦

We have a “state” of Jefferson….great story behind this…


Welcome to Oregon.

The smile of a hiker is way way contagious!

Stoked to be alive!

Brown Mountain cabin…I slept outside on the table, beautiful night!

The cabin had an old school pump, great ice cold fresh water!

Making my way through Oregon volcano country.

Great camp, rare campfire…

Another 30 miles, ready for food and sleep!

Cat. Meow.

Another burn area. Beautiful though, haunting.

Lots of fires in Oregon at the time I was hiking through….

Crater Lake…

…Or not. Your choice! Love the cartoon guy free falling!

Last night on the trail, though I didn’t know it at the time…

Off the trail…hard hard day.

Thank you….

Home….and the end result of 4 1/2 months not shaving…

Moments later….30 pounds lighter (not sure how much of that was the beard…)

I started at 195 pounds. Gotta love the Oregon trail dirt still representing!

Thanks to all who followed along, and for those that donated on behalf of the victims of human trafficking that I was hiking for….

And on to the next chapter…help me in the fight against human trafficking, and helping those that have survived and are piecing their lives back together…CLICK HERE FOR INFO


August to October 2012…5,000 miles on a bamboo recumbent bicycle. Check it out. Thanks!

“Rawhide” out 🙂  Peace!


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14 Responses to Pacific Crest Trail 2011 in Photos (Mexico border to Central Oregon)

  1. Angela Julian says:

    It’s great to see the photos…and the beard.

    • It was amazing…I would go so far as saying life-changing! There are people who have hiked the trail multiple times. I used to wonder, “Why?” I mean, why not try another trail? But now I understand…I think about being back on the trail every day! :). I’m glad you found my little blog!

      • Haha yeah, if I had the time and means to, I’d probably do a lot of hiking too. And I love reading blogs of people who like to travel around. 🙂

      • I know what you mean. Although, I will challenge you with this: don’t get too busy, too preoccupied, too focused to not make time. You’ll never regret making time for something worthwhile, be it a person, place traveled, activity…I am glad you found me, and I hope you enjoy the blog. If you would like to follow along on my new adventure, riding across the country on a bicycle made of bamboo, here’s the address: 🙂 Blessings!

      • Thanks! And wow, I really like how you worded all that. Haha, I totally got to save that when I’m on a normal computer.

  2. technikolordreamer says:

    Discovered this blog of yours much too late, I think. But great pictures and great intent! I am sure it must have been a great adventure. Will be tracking your progress on your new hiking mission! All the best for that and thank you so much for dropping by my blog!

  3. Thanks for sharing the photographs!

  4. Cafe says:

    So amazing!! Those pics and the story are awesome!
    I’m totally inspired 🙂

  5. Shoeless says:

    That is very awesome!

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