Dear Thru-Hike For Freedom friends!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to write a letter to all those that subscribed to my blog, THF2, and supported me with notes of encouragement and followed along on my journey this last year.

As you may already know, I started hiking the Pacific Crest Trail at the border of Mexico and California on May 2nd, 2011, and made it 2,000 miles up into Oregon. My aim was to finish, but more importantly to draw attention to the issue of human trafficking. I didn’t finish, but I ended where I believe I needed to. Thankfully, I was able to spread the word about human trafficking, as my website had over 30,000 visitors in a short time, as well as the many I was able to touch via word of mouth and personal interaction, and many people were impacted in a good way from the effort. Thank you for spreading the word amongst your friends and family members, co-workers, and others. I appreciate your efforts very much! To those who donated, an extra special “THANK YOU!”

As I wrote about back in September and October, my goal was to come home after the hike and begin laying the foundation for a non-profit.  The goals of the non-profit would be simple:

  •  To raise the public conscience regarding human trafficking 
  • To sensitize hearts to the issue
  •  To raise funds to help in the healing of the victims of human trafficking

The foundation is being laid, and the framework is being raised…it looks like it will be an exciting, fun adventure. It won’t come quickly, and it won’t be easy, but it will be excellent. I will still need your prayers and support going forward. More information to come as I continue to work and refine the details.

So, after much thought and prayer, I decided to use the momentum from the PCT hike to  personally continue the cause, and also bring awareness to the non-profit I am creating, called The Oasis Projekt.

Do accomplish this,  I have decided to traverse the length of the Continental Divide via mountain bike.

I know…I can almost hear the responses:

  • “Haven’t you slept outside on the ground enough lately?”
  • “Are you a glutton for punishment?”
  • “Do you even own a mountain bike?”

The answers, I would say, are “no,” “I suppose I might be,” and “no, I don’t own a mountain bike.”

But did not owning a mountain bike sway the determination of the Wright Brothers, or William Hung?? Ah ha! There’s your answer!

So later this summer I will embark on my journey, which will take approximately 45 days.

Please join me in this journey, and again, tell your friends, family, Facebook friends, etc.  I would be very appreciative!

Here’s the link to this site:

I will have the website address for The Oasis Projekt up soon, as well.

Blessings, and looking forward to this next journey towards healing and hope!

Dug “Rawhide” Shelby

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4 Responses to Dear Thru-Hike For Freedom friends!

  1. D. says:


    Congratulations on your 2,000 miles of the PCT. That was quite an accomplishment. But…. what happened to the final 600 miles ? You’re almost done ! Don’t quit !!! I encourage you to finish while you can and then move on to other goals.

    As for myself, you might recall briefly visiting with myself and a hiking group in South Lake Tahoe on the TRT / PCT.

    Since you are a faithful Christian, I have a prayer request for you. Way more important than you might ever guess. Could I ask that you utter a prayer on my behalf for the 27th of January? Simply that a life and death issue be resolved by our Lord Jesus Christ for he alone has the power to resolve it. Without his intervention, things are looking bleak. Thanks so much for this. And any other Christian who might read this is also welcome to help me in this regard.


  2. Dug, Right on brother! I’m following you. I’m headed out, starting the PCT over. I wish you the best. Maybe one day I can lend a hand to your project. So much for getting some of your left over gear from the PCT! Again. Right on!

    Dan aka on the PCT ‘Alaska’

  3. you can ride a mountain bike on the CDT?! that is awesome! i wanna do that!

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