“The Oasis Projekt”: How to be a Sponsored Hiker!

As I mentioned in my earlier post from the trail, I’ve been led to start a non-profit. The name of the organization is The Oasis Projekt, and all the vital aspects of it are beginning to fall into place even as I write this.

The aim will be to help spread awareness, educate, raise funds, and mobilize those willing in the fight against human trafficking.

There will be several different ways The Oasis Projekt will meet it’s goals. I’m excited about these ideas, and am more excited to share them all right now, but I will wait until the website is up and running. For now I will share one very important arm of the non-profit: “Thru-Hike For Freedom.

Wait…that sounds a little familiar you say? Right-O, it does! 

“Thru-Hike For Freedom.” (Or, ‘THF2‘) was the name of my own personal hike  of the Pacific Crest Trail and I feel it resonated clearly what I was trying to accomplish, so it sticks! 

How will THF2 work, you ask? Here’s the skinny:

[] The Oasis Projekt will sponsor 5 hiking heroes as well as one biking hero. 

[] These 6 people will choose a trail to hike (or in the case of our biker, bike). 

[] They’ll raise funds that will go towards a specific project(s) that is desperately needed in the fight against human trafficking. 

[] Along the way, they will blog about their experiences before, during, and after their thru-hike. THF2 will help in getting their blogs and their stories exposure on the web and in the local & national media. 

[] As a sponsored hiker, they will be blessed with certain gear that would normally cost quite a pretty penny. This is a fairly big deal, as a thru-hike can be very costly to the hiker once you account for gear, food, on-trail expenses, and lost income from not working while hiking the trail. I spent hundreds of hours researching gear, and reaching out to potential sponsors before my thru-hike attempt. At times it became discouraging…there were many doors closed on my requests, but ultimately the group of sponsors that jumped on board were phenomenal. The THF2 Team will have access to the fruit of all the hard work and countless hours I put in.

[] There will also be very helpful incentives for fundraising which will aid those who raise the most funds. Those will be outlined in detail on the website (as well as here) as those become clearer.

[] THF2 will assist in fundraising whenever possible, and will have a personalized video that they can share with potential donors to aid in their fundraising efforts.

[] They will be supported by THF2’s trail angel arms, as well as receive some spirit lifting care packages along the way. 

[] They will be a part of a general thru-hiking publication to be put out next year. Their insight and experiences on the trail will ultimately help future thru-hikers!

There will be a 5 hiker/1 biker limit this year, so I’ve thought about things, and came up with what I think is the fairest way to fill those spots:

1) the first 3 aspiring ‘long trail’ hikers to raise $1,000 will make up the sponsored ‘Team Long Trail.’

2) the first 2 aspiring ‘short trail’ hikers to raise $1,000 will make up the sponsored  ‘Team Short Trail.’

3) the first biker to raise $1,000 will be our sponsored biker.

For those that don’t make one of the limited spots, there will be a waiting list in the event there’s a withdrawal. 

The funds they raised can be either used by that person towards any charity of their choice, or be donated to The Oasis Projekt. They will also be eligible in a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis when filling spots on the sponsored THF2 hiking team the following year.

All in all, it’s going to be an amazing experience for all involved! 

The Oasis Projekt is going to exist to not only fulfill crucial lifesaving needs for victims of human trafficking worldwide, but also help have an amazing experience in nature that might have not been possible otherwise. One ultimate dream is to one day fully sponsor a former victim of human trafficking on a thru-hike…to enable them to experience a freedom they only thought was possible in their most wildly inconceivable of dreams. How incredible would that be? You can be a big part of that dream becoming a reality. 

If you would like to be a sponsored THF2 thru-hiker for this next year or the following year, or you know someone that would, or would like to donate to The Oasis Projekt, please contact me directly: 


Don’t hesitate! There has already been a good bit of interest already, just from word of mouth. The more time you have to fundraise the better.

Thanks for reading, and blessings!

Excitedly hopeful,

Dug (“Rawhide”)

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3 Responses to “The Oasis Projekt”: How to be a Sponsored Hiker!

  1. Olivia K says:

    Glad you made it back home safely, and that God was loud when you needed Him to be. Will be praying for your new project!

  2. love2live says:

    sorry to hear you quit. your blogs were pretty cool. but really, why blame “god”? this is what happens when you abdicate control of your mind to religious extremism.
    just make your own decision and deal.

    also, I applaud your efforts for human-trafficking. I have witnessed first-hand what this does to young girls in places like SE Asia, India, Nepal and Tibet. but you know what’s just as bad? jeep loads of born again Christians exploiting this situation to proselytize and convert Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist people by only of offering to help if these poor people and their families convert to this radical, extremist form of Christianity.

    I hope you’re not doing that, but your proselytizing in your blogs is worrisome that this is another front for such an organization.

    if you’re really a good person, you won’t do that and you’ll help people without a hidden or oveert agenda for your religion.

    • thf2 says:

      Hi Spyder, thanks for the kind words about the blog, and for following along. I sincerely mean that. As for proselytizing, I don’t think that’s what I was doing. According to Webster’s, to proselytize is to induce another over to one’s faith; what I was doing was relating the entire process of my hike, from planning to finish, from my view. Since I am unashamedly Christian, I would be very untrue to myself and even deceptive if I didn’t relate my experiences through the prism of my beliefs, or at the very least mention my faith in Jesus. I understand that not everyone believes in my God, and some may choose to believe in no organized faith, but by no means am I ever going to unwillingly force someone to try and share my beliefs. Thankfully, the web allows us all the freedom to visit any websites we wish, and I would hope folks would want to visit mine and be encouraged in many ways…my goal and sole desire when I started this was simply to help others.

      Where it may be true some organizations may not adhere to proper scruples when helping others, I think the bottom line is that they are getting help. I would encourage anyone who doesn’t want a certain religious slant adopted while helping victims of human trafficking start their own organization and do their very best to help!

      As for helping others, I plan to be very forthcoming about the faith-based aspect of what we do. Certainly, no one will be forced to believe in Jesus as a prerequisite for help. But they will know that what we do is based on His love for us, and His desire to see the less fortunate helped.

      Again, I am sincerely appreciative of you taking time out to encourage, and also share your concerns!



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