9/13: Wrestling

Woke up warm & dry this morning…used my new cuben fiber tarp again, and loved it. I’m actually nestled underneath it right now, about 28 miles down the trail, close to the Oregon Skyline Trail, which I’ll take tomorrow into Shelter Cove where I’ll resupply. 

I’ve had some resupply issues, from Ashland then Crater Lake. My box is apparently lost somewhere, and not catching up to me in time. But, one thing the trail teaches you is flexibility and attitude adjustments on the fly. Frustration can’t last long, there’s just no time or space for it. Heck, no energy for it either. So, when things pop up that aren’t part of the plan, good or bad, rolling with them is the best option. As my mom used to say, “Making lemonade out of lemons.”

Time is really pressing in on me. I feel the window to make Canada on foot is closing fast. I am hoping for good weather from here to the border, but that can’t be a certainty. Also, with everything I have back home to get started on (and pick up where I left off), I’m having to weigh the wisdom of staying on the trail and finishing, or making it to Washington and finishing the last 500+ miles in the future. The sense of incompletion, of not crossing the Canadian border, would be almost unbearable for me. But I’ll be praying for wisdom in what course to take. If God wants me to continue, or end the journey early, I’ll have peace knowing it’s the right thing to do, either way. 

For now, I’m going to lay my head down and grab some sleep before the trek into Shelter Cove tomorrow!

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4 Responses to 9/13: Wrestling

  1. juju says:

    R U still on trail or have you quit?

  2. Dan johnson says:

    So how’s the trail going? Are you finished or did you step off for awhile? I’ve been following since the beginning and I’ve been waiting to hear of your progress.

    Best wishes,

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