9/7: Special Announcement Update

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”  ~John Muir

(I mentioned a few posts back that I had an exciting announcement that I’d be sharing in an upcoming post. I wanted to follow through with that, but needed just a little more time to piece everything together, in hopes of drawing as clear a picture as possible).

“If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.”  ~Raymond Inmon

“Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.”  ~Henry David Thoreau

This walk has turned out to be about change for me. It didn’t begin that way.  It began, and continues to be, an effort to help others, and bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. 

But there is no way, I believe, to undertake an endeavor such as this (thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail), without there somehow being some kind of inward affect. I would think (or at least hope?) that any affect upon a person who spends extended periods of time out in nature would be positive and character building. 

As excited as I was, and still am, to be hiking for such a great and urgent  cause, I began to feel a bit hollow…ineffective, basically. Here I was, finally on the trail, hiking thousands of miles, with almost a whole year of planning and word-spreading about the hike…and I had not raised the support I had hoped to raise for the cause. Emotionally, this took a bit of a toll on me. 

Eventually, I began to realize that even though I had not raised the financial amount I had hoped…I had raised the awareness of the situation of human trafficking. I acknowledged that I cut no corners in putting opportunities for people to donate, so what I end up raising was what i was supposed to have raised. 

But I’m satisfied, and knew that after the hike was over, I wouldn’t be satisfied either. This is a cause I have come to care deeply about, and it’s one that I want to stay involved in, beyond this hike. 

As I walked, I would have flashes, small images, tidbits of information, visions of things…and the farther I walked, the more I thought on the issues that were driving me, praying for wisdom & guidance…it started to slowly fall into place. 

In a very brief nutshell, I’ll draw a basic picture of what I’ve been shown…and the direction I’ll be heading after my personal “Thru-Hike for Freedom”  on the Pacific Crest Trail is finished. 

One goal, many ways

After I get back, I’ll be starting a non-profit organization that will seek to raise financial support  and awareness to help in the cause against human trafficking. I am already getting some of the groundwork laid. My personal preference has been to help those affected closest to the source of human trafficking; the people caught at ‘ground zero,’ if you will. Trying to help those trafficked instead of going after the traffickers…helping those in need of the most help. That is why I chose, for my thru-hike fundraiser, to support Bombay Teen Challenge. I’ve seen firsthand what they do and it’s amazing, quite honestly. 

I will continue to support Bombay Teen Challenge, but also branch out to support other ministries and organizations who are fighting this war with integrity, big hearts, and wisdom. I have chosen one organization based in Sacramento, California, as well as looking at supporting an organization in Thailand. In the future, I’d like to add South America, Africa, and others. 

My non-profit will be led by myself, as well as a board of directors who will provide accountability and help me lead with clear vision, integrity, creativity and wisdom. More people will be added as we go along. We will essentially work to secure funds primarily through donated giving and special events. 

 (if you’re not very familiar with what human trafficking is, I will post an article on it soon).

I feel led to follow my passions in the possible ways to raise funds, and I have many, so that’s a good thing!

One activity I love (surprise!)  is hiking and the outdoors. Subsequently, “Thru-Hike for Freedom” will hike on, in a similar fashion, but with folks more capable than I manning the trails! Starting this coming year, I will be aiding in sponsorships of 5 hikers who will take up the Thru-Hike for Freedom flag. I will sponsor three thru-hikers of any of the 3 major long trails in the U.S. (The PCT, CDT, or AT), as well as two hikers who will have the opportunity to hike a shorter trail (such as the John Muir Trail, The Arizona Trail, or a section of the PCT, for example). They’ll raise funds as I did, and keep a blog to raise awareness before & during their hike, and in return they will be sponsored with essential items for their trip, such as backpacks, sleeping bags, tents/tarps, etc. They’ll have an opportunity to earn a trip to one of the programs we are helping fund, as well as other perks. 

So, “Thru-Hike for Freedom” (THF2) will live on and be a very important piece of the whole non-profits’ pie. I will follow up this post with another, outlining some of the preliminary guidelines for how “Thru-Hike for Freedom” hikers can get involved & how i can help in that process.  

Other events and opportunities will be forthcoming, but it looks to be an exciting next 12 months. I will continue my blog, but also be adding an official website home for the non-profit as soon as the name gels…apparently, a zillion other people had the same idea for a name as I did, so I have to be a little more creative! 

If you have an idea for a name, shoot me a message here at the bottom, in the comments! Anything that strikes you the right way…I was leaning towards something that would include the word, “freedom.”

Also, if you or someone you know might be interested in taking part in this first class of “Thru-Hike for Freedom” hikers, please drop me a note. Part of my dream is to help enable people who never thought they’d be able to try a thru-hike, accomplish it…AND do it for a good cause. More details will be forthcoming, and they’re exciting! I will let everyone here know when the website will be up and running, until then this blog will be home base. 

Well, that’s it in a nutshell…a verbose nutshell, but a nutshell all the same. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact me. Thanks for following along, and supporting me with your prayers & thoughts. For those that have donated, THANK YOU, and as I’m still on the trail heading towards finishing this trail, there is still time to donate! Every little bit helps!



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11 Responses to 9/7: Special Announcement Update

  1. michael grosse says:

    michael here, gave you the bear spray, met you near buck’s wilderness…gotta say..i would love to do the jmt for your group, to help raise awareness…i am not quite ready for 2000 miles but i definitely feel that i can plan for 200 miles and it is something i can set out for next summer…


  2. Jeff Borne says:

    Hey Rawhide,
    Jeff here, not sure if you are getting my messages.
    Love to meet up with you in Central Oregon.
    Elk Lake – Mckenzie Pass (242)
    Thoughts & blessings,

    • thf2 says:

      Hey Jeff! I responded today, but I think I accidentally deleted the post it was attached to! Not sure if I can meet up on this leg, I’m hard pressed to make it to Canada by early October. I am definitely wanting to hike Oregon more, though, so maybe after this trip is over? Next Spring maybe? ~ Rawhide 🙂

  3. Jeff Borne says:

    Dug, if I can be of help in your the rest of journey please feel free to contact me.
    Blessings and happy trails to Canada you have been an inspiration for the future.
    Jeff Borne

  4. Dianne Arnold says:

    Hi Dug!

    Sending well wishes, encouragement and strength for you to complete your endeavor. Thank you again for the updates.

    Dug, I just read this Special Announcement of yours and wanted to share some information with you. I know of a start up church that has been in existance now for close to 2 years perhaps but it is one of th most modern focused churches I have ever seen. It was started up by 3 pastors that come from North Carolina and felt they had a calling to come to the Silicon Valley of California feeling more churches were needed in this area and also in the hopes of reaching many souls here. My first wish would be to introduce you to these three terrific pastors who I think could benefit and support you in your goals. I belonged to a bible study with the church about a year ago and it was run by one of the pastors wives and she has a special interest in your cause of human trafficking. We donated to a house in the San Francisco Bay Area that houses women that were involved in human trafficking to help them get on there feet here in the USA. I sincerely would like you to meet these pastors and at least become affiliated with them. I am enclosing a link that I found online where you can contact the church. The church was still small when I began attending it (perhaps a litle over 200) it is now near 1,000 I believe. If you want further information such as contact names, let me know. I am also connected with one of the pastors on Facebook. Whether you get involved with this church or these pastors, I feel it would be a connection worth while.

    I truly am behind you all the way Dug. Take care of yourself on this journey. Don’t discredit that as being one of top priority. Well wishes. May God’s intervention be with you. Blessings, hope and faith as you continue your journey.

    Here is a link to contact South Bay Church in Santa Clara, CA: http://www.santaclarachamber.com/Churches/South-Bay-Church

    Dianne Arnold

  5. Nicole says:

    I think what you are doing is admirable. I hope it all works out (of course I’ll watch your progress even when you finished the hike)

    hope you make it to canada in one piece 😉

  6. Janet says:

    Congratulations, and bless you, and good job! I pray this all works out well. I am in the beginning stages of starting a newsletter for my parish and would like (someday, if not while you are on the trail) to do an article about Thru Hike for Freedom. I live near Yosemite which means near a couple of the trails you mentioned. Good luck with all, and I hope to be in touch with you again soon.

    • Hi Janet!

      I’m not sure how I overlooked a couple responses here, but I just found yours. I would love to do an interview for you. Send me an email with your contact information, and we can set it up.



  7. J says:

    A Cut/Paste from PCTA trail closure information: http://www.pcta.org/planning/during_trip/trail-closures.php
    Section F
    Shadow Lake Fire
    9-6-2011 – The PCT is CLOSED in Deschutes National Forest between Hwy 20 and Hwy 242 due to the Shadow Lake Fire. The fire is burning north of Mt. Washington.

    Previously, there had been a reroute, but it has been discontinued. The Sisters and McKenzie Ranger Districts have decided not to provide another mapped and signed reroute option at this time. This is due in part because of the potential for additional closure area modifications and the lack of options outside the current closure area. Highway 20 and 242 trailheads will be posted with area maps, so hikers will have a general understanding of the surrounding area. All reroute information that was placed at trailheads has been removed. http://www.inciweb.org/incident/2550

    View the detour map.

    Badger Butte Fire

    The PCT is closed north of Olallie Lake due to the Badger Butte Fire. At this time the closure is from the Triangle Lake Horse Camp area at the PCT/Forest Service Road 4220, to the just south of the Clackamas Lake Campground where the PCT crosses Road 42.

    View the detour directions.

    Section G
    Dollar Lake Fire
    9-6-2011 – The Dollar Lake Fire is burning north of Mt. Hood in the Mt. Hood National Forest. The PCT is CLOSED from the Rushing Water Creek crossing, north to Wahtum Lake. A detour is available. http://inciweb.org/incident/2563/

    The PCT thru-hiker detour around the Dollar Lake fire is as follows:

    •At the junction with the Timberline Trail #600 (just south of Timberline Lodge), take #600 east to the Gnarl Ridge Trail #652 .
    •Turn right (east) on Gnarl Ridge Trail #652 to Elk Meadows Tr #645.
    •Turn left (north) on Elk Meadows Tr #645 north to Polallie Trailhead on Hwy 35.
    At this point, you may take Hwy 35 to Interstate Hwy 84 to the Cascade Locks crossing and continue into Washington.
    Or if you want to hike through the Hatfield Wilderness, take this road/trail detour.

    •From Polallie Trailhead, either hike Hwy 35 to Parkdale or cross the new road bridge to Cooper Spur Rd.
    •Take Cooper Spur Rd #3510 (north) past Cooper Spur Inn and continue towards Parkdale.
    •Turn left (west) on Baseline Rd into Parkdale.
    •Turn right (north) on Dee Hwy (Route 281) and stay northbound to Dee. Cross the bridge by the old mill and turn right (northwest) onto Punchbowl Road/Dead Point Rd. till it hits Forest Road 2820.
    •Turn right on Forest Road 2820 to Rainy Lake campground.
    •At Rainy Lake Campground, go south on the Rainy Wahtum Trail #409 to Anthill Trail #406B.
    •At this point you can go right on #406B to Herman Crk Tr # 406 and go left (south) to the PCT near Chinidere Mt.
    •Or you can go left on Anthill Trail #406B to the Wahtum Lake Campground. The PCT Trail #2000 is on the south side of the lake. Follow the PCT around to the lake and then head north through the Hatfield Wilderness towards Washington.
    The routes from Rainy to Wahtum have not all been logged out. The detour route will be signed and we will leave copies of this detour route with copied route maps at PCT points south of the detour and at key junctions of the detour.

    Maps of the alternate can be printed from: http://inciweb.org/incident/maps/2563/

    View the detour map.

    Trail Conditions
    Events Calendar
    What’s New?
    Photo Gallery

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