8/29: Scorpions in the Bathtoom + Being Utensiless

Camped by Upper Jake Spring tonight at mile 1433. Started with a good morning, really strong hiking, then came to a campground near Burney Falls. Had an opportunity to wash a couple pair if socks, very cool! 

Then I went into the bathroom, and saw it: on the ground, in the corner, it just sat there…a real live scorpion! The first wild scorpion I’ve seen! The funniest part, though, was it’s size. It was LITTLE! Took a couple pictures, then headed down the trail. Exciting, wild stuff on the journey!

Stopped by Burney Falls, had lunch, and ran across Sue & Margaret, two ladies who are actually from the same town I live in. They gave me an Abba Zabba bar, we talked for a few minutes, and made a coffee appointment for when i return. The store actually had wifi so I was able to jump on, take care of some much needed things, and as I was about to head out, Mr. Chips and his wife walked up, so we chatted a bit as well. 

Once back on the trail, hiking got tougher. Blister on my left ankle hurt with every step, hip was sore, and I was out of synch. I really dont like breaks! They get me out of my flow sometimes. 

Made it to mile 1433, where I went down to the spring for some fresh water, built a quick fire, made dinner…and realized that in the same day, I had lost not only my spoon – the same spoon I have used for every meal of the trip, but also my little folding Gerber knife. Both. Ouch! How does that happen? 

Now, I’m hunkered down in my bag, full stomach, ready to make a strong spoonless & knifeless day of it tomorrow. 

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2 Responses to 8/29: Scorpions in the Bathtoom + Being Utensiless

  1. wen says:

    What day/time do we meet you in Cascade Locks? What do you need us to bring? vonderhaus@gmail.com

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