Finally in Oregon!

Sonora Pass

Hey all…have been putting in some serious miles, and getting closer…Crossed into Oregon late yesterday, and doing well. I have more updates to add, but I wanted to let everyone know I was still doing well & hiking towards to goal of Canada.

Despite my sore hip, I’m putting in 30+ mile days, and feeling pretty strong. Hopefully Oregon is kind to me, and the rain decides to stay away until Canada! 🙂


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9 Responses to Finally in Oregon!

  1. wen says:

    yay! We are hoping to meet up with you! –wendy ‘n v.v.

  2. Olivia K says:

    yeah! in my home state. let me know if you get in a pinch. I know they are a evacuating a large portion of the PCT due to wildfires.

  3. OR Hiker says:

    based on the fires in OR, you may want some rain to re-open the closed trail ahead of you. Check out Pacific Crest Trail Association facebook page for trail closure info!

  4. Night Moves says:

    Keep on Keeping on Rawhide…one foot in front of the other.

  5. Night Moves says:

    I am in Carlisle, PA making plans for next year on the PCT.

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