8/5: Cat Juggling

Woke up this morning dry…I really like when I wake up & my bag is dry. Great feeling!

After eating breakfast & packing up, I said goodbye to Gabriel (trail name, finally: “Roo”) & Marmot. I’ll be seeing them up in Seattle on my return home, so I’m looking forward to that!

Left a little late this morning, but still aimed for my ’12 by 12,’ and made it easily. I had hiked 14 by 12:30, so I stopped for lunch, and that’s when the rest of my days mileage plan began to unravel. I had hoped to get within 3 or 4 miles of Tahoe, but wound up about 10 miles out instead, camped on the edge of a beautiful lake. 

The roadblock? People! Lots & lots of people! Apparently, from where I stopped to eat lunch onward was a very popular day & overnight hiking area. Lots of people, & lots of questions, combined with my ability to talk…I was doomed! 

I will say, though, I had some conversations that I feel I was really meant to have, all centered around what I’m doing on the trail & who I’m doing it for. So to the two young guys who gave me the Clif Gels; the two guys with their skis strapped to their packs (did you find your slopes?); the couple from Ireland (save a pint for me!); the rangers at the ranger station with the fresh fruit, chips, & Doublestuff Oreos; Richard’s Accurate Imports sister & her husband from Placerville; the huge & hilariously cool “cat juggling crew” (who’s the gullible one?) and the outdoors crew from Sacramento, and the Girl Scout group at the lake (thank you for the Clif Bars and the raspberry juice mix! I’m still craving the caramel/coconut cookies!) I say ‘thank you’ for allowing me to share with you what I’m doing and why, and I look forward to hearing from you all. 

Meanwhile, after washing a tiny load of laundry in the stream & hanging it in the tree nearby, I’m curled up in my bug tent (sorry, ‘squitoes, you lose again! Ha!) and watching ‘hiker midnight’ draw near. My hiker midnight is 9pm…I start to fall asleep if I go past it! Waking up earlier than usual to get packed & on the trail so that I can make it to Lake Tahoe by 11:00am tomorrow. 

I have some very exciting news that I am working on, but will devote a post just to that when it is written. 

In the meantime, thank you for your support of this journey and mission…it encourages me so much knowing I’m not alone on this trek, and I value each person & group following along. Thank you SO very much!



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