7/26: Mile 1,000 tomorrow!!

The last stretch here has been pretty tough. The word on the street was that this stretch from Reds Meadow to Lake Tahoe is the toughest on the PCT. I was hoping to show that that included everyone but me…but I’ll concede. It’s been tough. My heavy pack isn’t helping me much, either, but I’m really not wanting to take a whole day to hitch the 30 miles into Bridgeport to resupply for just two more days. I’m so close to home, and would much rather spend a zero there than some resupply town.

Feels good....

Leader & I got separated, in large part due to the fact I couldn’t keep up with my heavy pack. But I caught up, and we fell in with another group made up of Moses, Fair Lady, Magellan, Bubbles, Wolfpack, Scarecrow, Bamf, Rambo and Cowboy (who happens to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan). over the last day we lost Bubbles, Bamf & Rambo, but theyre mist likely not too far back.

Sonora Pass...Moses, Scarecrow, Wolfpack

The last 3 days have been especially hard on me. I have much respect for the Sierra. Beautiful, wild, as well as unpredictable and dangerous. I’ve slid down granite rock faces, fallen down on snow, postholed up to my waist over little ice covered streams & creeks, inhaled more mosquitoes than I’d like to admit, lost the trail several times, been seemingly grabbed by tree branches, been bloodied & bruised, and almost went under in a stream crossing while carrying my pack over my head…it’s been wild.

Cowboy, ridge walking...Not a bad guy for a Bengals fan!

But I’ve also seen deer that seem to want to come right up to you, with no fear, and sunsets & sunrises that are beyond words, and I get to fall asleep to the sound of frogs, water, birds, and the wind.

But, man…am I tired! The last few days have been 20, 21, 19, and 18.5 mile days. For the type of terrain we’re going through, and the reputation this section has (not to mention the heavy pack), I’m doing great. I’m hoping to be in Tahoe in 5 days. I think I can do it.

Sonora Pass

I am eating as much as I can, but still thin. My legs are solid muscle after hiking now 1,000 miles (999.8), anything “extra” I had on me is long gone, having lost about 16 pounds. After not shaving since May 1, I have a pretty solid mass of fur on my face, as well.  I don’t recognize myself! :).

Tomorrow I’ll pass mile 1,000. I’m a little blown away by that number, but at the same time I have a much bigger goal.

Doing laundry = donning the stylish Patagonia Nano Puff Kilt...

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8 Responses to 7/26: Mile 1,000 tomorrow!!

  1. wheelchair John says:

    I have to tell you its been awesome following you and alot of the others this year (trail journals via android app). I don’t know how many times I have teared up, its got to be incredible at times. I learned so much during everyones prep. I have been able to put together an ultralight system and enjoy some great spots so far, Warner Valley, Caribou wilderness, echo lake all to myself. I am a true wannabe thru hiker, hehe..I am hella mobile in the chair and this summer has been great thx to all the inspiration and pointers. Will be in Lassen Park 7-14 for Ham Radio Special Event (parks anniversary) then I wanna hang out at Kangaroo Lake by Etna-Scott mtn. And then up on Mt. Shasta around Bunny Flat and the meadows. Anyway, I just wanted to blab at ya a bit and let ya know I dig how well your doing and love the posts and videos, thx Rawhide!!! My youtube username is K6LSN, vids there of echolake and my cheapass pack and stuff….

    • thf2 says:

      Hey John…Thank you buddy…and blab anytime! 🙂 I appreciate you letting me know what you think about my videos and journey. Sounds like you have a good itinerary there!

  2. Kourt says:

    Absolutely amazing…..

  3. dug this is so impressive! cant wait to read the rest

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