Some really great photography:

Hey all,

Got snagged up here in Mammoth for a few hours longer than expected, so while I’m waiting I thought I’d throw this out there…

One of the guys I’ve been hiking with for quite a while now, Grizzly Adams, is a photographer in his “normal” life. His work has been displayed in Backpacker Magazine, among other places, and he’s pretty darn talented, not to mention passionate about his craft.

Unfortunately, he’s been hiking with an ankle injury recently, and it’s getting worse instead of better, so his trail is temporarily ending here in Mammoth. He’ll be looking to rejoin the trail in the southern Oregon area, and will be flying back to the east coast to shoot a wedding in the meantime. Please keep his ankle in your prayers.

Here’s the link to his website:

Gonna miss you while you’re off the trail, Grizz!

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3 Responses to Some really great photography:

  1. Devon says:

    Hey Man. Met Friga last week in Virginia. Thinking about you. Keep trucking

  2. Sandra Forbes says:

    Wow What a trip! Dick & I backpacked part of the Muir Trail up thru King’s Canyon many, many years ago. I think you “scrunched” and wriggled your way across the same log-over-river tree we had to cross. We did it by being part billy-goat and daring, coaching, imploring each other to cross. We couldn’t go under it, couldn’t go around it, had to go over it. It wasn’t funny at the time, but now looking back it is. We did not have to deal with heavy snow (only a snow patch here and there) and we traveled 8 to 15 miles a day — quite leisurely compared to what you are doing. We did have rattlers, ants (stinging type) all over the outside of our tents one a.m. (ouch!) and other wildlife. Unforgettable scenery. Rangers stocked the streams with trout and Dick caught and cooked some. He invented his own pole and hook and used cheese for bait. It worked and we had a fine fish dinner. Have a good rest and enjoy the down time.
    Love ‘ya, honey bunch. Big, big hugs. Aunt Sandy

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