Re: Care Packages

Hey all!

It just occurrd to me, that there’s been some folks who were asking how to send a care package to me on the trail, or if it’s even possible, and what I’d need/want.

Care packages are for sure welcome!

If you’d like to send a care package, there’s a few basics to know before sending something out, since a lot of the locations are pretty obscure.

– please send your care package via USPS priority mail.
– please write on the package the approximate date I’d arrive
– please write on package: “Please hold for PCT Thru-Hiker”, and the expected date below.
– please send me a message via this blog (below in the comments would be perfect!), email or Facebook to let me know you sent a care package & where. I know it takes some if the fun surprise out of it, but I have to tell the postmaster how many packages I’m expecting, or they won’t find them all.

As for what would be great, chocolate is always a winner! Pringles potato chips are amazing, most any flavor. Oreos, cookies, Pop-Tarts, anything that will save well. A homemade apple pie, while being incredible, might not make you many friends within the USPS. 🙂

Right now I don’t have a resupply stop until Sierra City in early August.



Sierra City:
Expected date: 8/15
Attn: please hold for thru-hiker

Dug Shelby
C/O General Delivery
Sierra City, CA

Belden, CA:
Expected date: 8/23
Attn: please hold for thru-hiker

Dug Shelby
C/O General Delivery
Belden, CA

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4 Responses to Re: Care Packages

  1. Sheen FILO Pelli says:

    Hey, Dug! It’s been awesome reading your posts! Hope the body hangs in there. I just saw Devon and family this last week in VA. All our boys are big time buds now! Anyhoo, I know you are taking this day by day, but any approximate ETA for the Oregon-Washington border? I want to try to keep my calendar open. I think you may have said August? The end of it?

    From a very jealous friend. Quite the adventure.


    • thf2 says:

      I’m jealous!! I want kids so they can be friends with yours & Dev’s kids! Heading out from Mammoth now, I’m thinking end of August still, maybe first week of Sept. But off the top of my head that seems about right. I’ll make sure to give you some calls as I make my way. Really looking forward to seeing you. 🙂

  2. Tim Lind says:

    Hi Dug!! My name is Tim Lind, jus purchased a BV 500 from you via gear swap thanks man!! Listen if I can help you in anyway via care package, mula, or anything else please let me know!! As a fellow hiker and avid outdoorsmen, I’m envious of your thru hike. As a human being I’m proud of your reasons behind it. Stay safe brother!! Your in my prayers!! Tim

    • thf2 says:

      Hey Tim….I appreciate your post & what you said. That’s very inspiring and encouraging to me. I hope you enjoy the BearVault…it was a good buddy while I had it on the trail. I can’t tell you how much your support means!

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