7/19: Mammoth Resupply

Got into Mammoth yesterday, and was able to hook back up with Leader. Bonnfire (aka Bonnzai) is also here, which is great. Her foot is healing, but she is still wearing her boot. Since getting off the trail, she’s traveled; Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Santa Barbara, the Grand Canyon, Portland…

We’ve also been able to check in with a bunch of the hikers we’ve been hiking with/near for weeks, and sad to see some getting off the trail. Tang, Ticks, & Motion Sickness, I’ll see you guys sometime in NorCal!

Thanks to an awesome coffee shop with super string WiFi, I’ve been able to load more videos, with more coming. I did have to make a new YouTube account, but I’m labeling all my videos the same, so if you search “PCT 2011” or “ThruHike4Freedom” they should still all come up.

Looking forward to getting back on the trail, but my knees and sunburnt/split bottom lip have appreciated the day in the shade!

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3 Responses to 7/19: Mammoth Resupply

  1. Jeff Borne says:

    Hey Dug (Rawhide)
    Been following you for a few weeks now and would love to meet up with on the trail for a few miles.
    I am heading to Lassen NP in early August and was wondering you time scheduled to be in that area.
    Jeff Borne

  2. Gary Waayers Father of Music Man says:

    Rawhide, glad to hear you made it. Wish I could loss 15 pounds. Music Man is fine, he hooked up with his mom in Mammoth.

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