7/16: The “Who Kneeds Knees” Edition

Started the day needing about 28 or so miles to get into Mammoth, and we started it off with a stream crossing no more than a mile into the day. Wow, it was cold, fast, and slippery! I nearly lost my footing in the middle, but made it across ok. Not long after was another crossing, but this one was a waterfall…I went high and Grizz went low, but not until after he snapped a few pictures if me trying to get across. The spray from the waterfall was soaking me, and I eventually lost my footing on a rock, and barely missed going in. It was definitely adrenalizing!

We had 4 stream crossings total, one at the very end of the day, so we had wet feet all day long. Not really an unusual thing we’re finding in the Sierra. If it’s not the stream crossings, it’s the snow; if it’s not the snow, it’s the wet & boggy sections of trail (of which there are many)…so wet feet are just a part if it. All. Day. Long. 

I took a beating today, but I’m still standing. Aside from the waterfall crossing, I took a couple nice falls. The worst was when I postholed in the snow up to my right hip, and when I did I swung my left leg around hard and directly into a downed log. I laid in the snow, crawled to the trail & checked my knee to see what remained of it. It felt all there, but the red showing up through my pants at the knee said I had a boo boo. Oh well. As an alumni of “Tough Guy Dorm,” I had to suck it up and keep going. It’s what Tough Guys do, right? 🙂

The other happened coming off a slope of snow; the snow gave away, I couldn’t secure my footing, and I slid about 8 feet down, and hit (the other) knee-first into a pile of manzanita. It could gave been worse, so I’m thankful! 

The Sierra portion has been tough. Lots of snow, lots of swollen river crossings, constantly wet feet (in the morning, you put on soaking wet shoes; it’s just what happens), twisted ankles & knees, wrenched backs, the elevation gains & losses are hard on the body, always hungry and energy starved even though I’m constantly eating…the terrain & the pace just suck you dry of energy no matter how many calories you take in. Yet, at the same time…wow. This place is one of the most wildly beautiful (and beautifully wild) places anyone could ever hope to see. 

My body, though, is ready for a break. I’m beat up, and I’ve lost at least 15 pounds. But we went over two more passes the last couple days, so we now have up to Silver Pass completed! Almost through the Sierra!

Time to get some sleep. Hope all is well with everyone who’s following along. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me, I’ll get to them ASAP. 

Blessings!  🙂

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