7/16: Boy Scout Troop #322, “Optimus Will, & an Unfiltered Waitress

(I’m currently walking from Mexico to Canada, a distance of 2,700 miles, to help raise awareness & funds to help counteract the effects of human trafficking and the forced prostitution of women & children. I first came across this issue in Mumbai, India, while doing videography for Nick Vujicic’s ministry, ‘Life Without Limbs,” in 2008. Please join with me on this journey of freedom by offering prayers, telling others, and giving financially. Any donation, big or small, will be kept confidential, and will be appreciated beyond understanding. Please, please consider donating. You will literally be helping buy the freedom and put in motion the healing of those who have been unwillingly enslaved in the chains of human trafficking. Thank you!)

Videos on YouTube: ThruHike4Freedom and also ThruHike4Freedom11

Slept in just a little this morning (until 6:30) and we packed up & began our last 5 miles into VVR. If we didn’t find a hitch at the trailhead, it would turn into an 11 mile stretch, so Grizz & I started out & hoped for the best. 

About 3 miles into the hike, we came across a large campsite, inhabited by a pretty good sized group with at least 5-6 trucks. Turns out it was Boy Scout troop 322 out of San Luis Obispo, California. This was really fun for me, since I used to live right near San Luis, and have spent a lot of time there over the years, and still have family in the SLO area. They offered us freshly cooked sausage links, and loaded us up with food: tuna, crackers, flatbread, oatmeal, and more. It was a great meeting, and I look forward to visiting the troop when I’m back down in SLO. Thank you guys!

After a short dirt road walk, we made it to the main road where we’d try to get a hitch into VVR. It looked bleak. Such a small road out in the middle of nowhere! But no more than 5 minutes later, Will drove by and stopped for us, and took us all the way into VVR, even though he had no idea where it was. Will is interning for the summer with the Forest Service, and during the year working on his Phd. in Nevada. He admitted he didn’t know as much as he’d like to regarding his job, and that some of the questions people asked were over his head & he couldn’t answer them. I suggested he just start mixing in the term ‘cross pollination’ as often as he needed, in a very self assured manner, such as:

“Do you know what kind of flower that is?”

“Not 100% sure, but it looks cross pollinated.”


“Were those Giant Sequoia trees, or Redwood?”

“Hard to tell for sure anymore with all the cross pollination going on.”

He liked it. 🙂

We also found out he want to make his little 4-cylinder commuter car, named ‘Optimus,’ into a lifted 4-wheel drive beast of a mountain vehicle, with racks on top, runners, lights, roll bar, front grid, and big tires…but he doesn’t have the coin to make it happen right now. I suggested a retracting disco ball as well. He wasn’t so sure, but I assured him it would be ‘fly.’ 

He took us all the way to VVR, & we wished him luck with the school, internship & vehicle makeover. 

Now, this is where it gets interesting…We head in to grab some food, and the waitress comes over, and in a very obnoxious, pushy bad Boston accent, tells Grizz to “Scoot over, honey.” she sits next to him and asks us if we’re ready to order. Well, Grizz had been waited on 2 years before by this same girl, and she had been fairly offensive to both he and his friend, and he was in no way going to be patient with her act. So he was polite but firm in telling her that we were ready to order, but the whole schtick she was doing wasn’t going to fly with him today. She proceeded to call him a very unsavory name, and an interesting dialog ensued. I was lucky enough to witness it all, and at the end of it, our orders were somehow taken. A little later, she came by, started in on him again and called him a name that was…well…wow. How does she even have a job? Later, as Grizz and I stood waiting to pay, she brings the tickets up and says to the cashier, referencing Grizz, “Charge him double, he’s a #@$!#%.” 


I’ll be writing a letter to the owner of the Vermillion Valley Resort, expressing my extreme displeasure over what was definitely the most incredible display of rude, crude & unprofessional behavior I’ve ever seen from a server. For Grizz’s part, he actually tipped her. He’s a better man than I. 

After our foray to resupply with food and watching the train wreck of a waitress verbally accost Grizz, we were back off again! Yes!

We found another great spot to camp, had a campfire, and ate some dinner. The oddest thing: Grizz and I both heard singing…not like a group of people at a campfire, but instead a choir…far from anywhere…and we kept hearing it until we went to bed. Hmmm…

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