7/15: Selden Pass

Videos on YouTube: ThruHike4Freedom and also ThruHike4Freedom11
(Apologies for needing two YouTube accounts, but I was one of the folks who was locked out if their account due to the Google/YouTube union. After hours of trying to get into my original account, I just gave up & made a new one. The videos had to be posted & there’s just not much time to deal with this type of thing when I’m in a town to resupply. And there’s no easy way to contact a real, live person to help…so, hence the second, newer account. I’m just glad to get everyone caught up visually, since the Sierra has been AMAZINGLY beautiful!). 🙂

Another 21 mile day today as Grizz and I make our way towards a small resupply at VVR. Several river crossings, one which I almost lost my footing as did Grizz, and an ascent of Selden Pass where we had lunch. Beautiful views from up top, just shy of 12,000 feet. 

Again, cold wet feet, a hard trail to locate due to snow, and some tough trail to walk for a while (rocks, mud, water on the trail, etc.). 

Decided to head down the Bear Creek Trail, just off the PCT, to get in to VVR tomorrow morning. A short 5 mile hike waits for us when we wake up at about 5:30am. Still no sign of Leader, but will see him at the latest in Mammoth when we resupply there & take a much needed zero. 

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