7/5: Climbing Mt. Whitney…

(I’m currently walking from Mexico to Canada, a distance of 2,700 miles, to help raise awareness & funds to help counteract the effects of human trafficking and the forced prostitution of women & children. I first came across this issue in Mumbai, India, while doing videography for Nick Vujicic’s ministry, ‘Life Without Limbs,” in 2008. Please join with me on this journey of freedom by offering prayers, telling others, and giving financially. Any donation, big or small, will be kept confidential, and will be appreciated beyond understanding. Please, please consider donating. You will literally be helping buy the freedom and put in motion the healing of those who have been unwillingly enslaved in the chains of human trafficking. Thank you!)

Videos on YouTube: ThruHike4Freedom and also ThruHike4Freedom11

We woke early on the chilly alpine shore of Guitar Lake in the shadow of Mt. Whitney. Of the 7 of us in camp that night I was the very last to set out to climb Mt. Whitney. Music Man, Veg, Toby Wan, Sprinkles, Grizz, and Leader all headed around the lake, across a couple small streams, and into the snow fields that led up to the trail that hugged the side of the mountain. I started up, and by the time I got to the snow fields, I’d decided I wanted to be the first to the top. I started moving, and soon had passed a couple, then one by one started passing everyone else. Maybe I had to blow off some emotional steam, or I just got competitive, but I decided I would really climb Whitney fast today, and I hopefully wouldn’t be sucking wind by the time I reached the top. No, I’d reach the top in amazing time, even though I’m not ‘young’ anymore, and I’d do it in style. I ended up passing 11 people total, and I felt great. One hour and fifty minutes from camp to the top! 

I rounded the final curve on a steep snow bank, and the old cabin on top of Whitney came into view. I caught my breath, my eyes teared up and my knees actually became weak. I’d made it to the top of Whitney. There was the cabin I’d only seen pictures of! I was blown away. I started to make a video, sort if a belated happy birthday to my Dad now that I was on top of Whitney, and I became pretty emotional. I’ll post it up as soon as I can get the other videos posted in order. I really miss my Dad, and I know he would have been so excited to have known I made such an effort to be on top of Mt. Whitney for his birthday. 

So Dad, I love you & I miss you. Happy birthday, Big Guy. 

I spent a little over an hour on top, amazed by the views, and just in all around shock that i was actually there. Then, the clouds rolled in dark, the thunder started and the snow began to fall. Time to get down! Grizz, Leader & I began a quick descent and by the time we reached camp, we were soaking wet. Pitching my tarp in the cold rain, already soaked through, was fun. Ok, it wasn’t. But when I got everything pitched, I climbed into my comfortable, dry sleeping quilt, and made some hot food. I laid there, listening to the rain on my tarp, and fell asleep…an amazing, incredible, and physically & emotionally draining day!

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One Response to 7/5: Climbing Mt. Whitney…

  1. Janet says:

    I cried while reading this. What a great tribute to your dad! I so happy for you that you were able to get up there in spite of the weather.

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