7/12: Falling For The PCT, and the First Mountain Lion Sighting

(I’m currently walking from Mexico to Canada, a distance of 2,700 miles, to help raise awareness & funds to help counteract the effects of human trafficking and the forced prostitution of women & children. I first came across this issue in Mumbai, India, while doing videography for Nick Vujicic’s ministry, ‘Life Without Limbs,” in 2008. Please join with me on this journey of freedom by offering prayers, telling others, and giving financially. Any donation, big or small, will be kept confidential, and will be appreciated beyond understanding. Please, please consider donating. You will literally be helping buy the freedom and put in motion the healing of those who have been unwillingly enslaved in the chains of human trafficking. Thank you!)

Videos on YouTube: ThruHike4Freedom and also ThruHike4Freedom11

Had a good day hiking today, through one of the prettiest sections of trail I’ve ever seen. It had everything from beautiful green meadows, tall pines, marshy wetland, trail that ran right next to roaring rivers as well as slow, meandering sections of streams with crystal clear water and what seemed liked dozens of shades of blues and greens. Music Man saw a mountain lion as he came around a bend in the trail; they looked at one another fir a moment before the big cat decided to run off. Grizz and Ryan saw a bear on the trail, and it too scurried off. I saw a couple young bucks with pretty decent sized racks in a clearing across the creek, and they bounded off to safety. The wildlife is absolutely stunning!

A little while into my hike, I came across a section if trail maybe 200 feet long. It was comprised mostly of the sharp, angular rocks to walk on, nestled between a rock canyon and trees. There was pretty much no where to walk except to trail itself, which wouldn’t have been too bad, but this narrow corridor had become a little outlet for the stream, and the ground was covered in ice cold water. I tried to do what we all do on the trail when we reach a similar section: keep our feet dry! I ended up gracefully slipping on a wet rock and taking another header into the icy water and sharp rocks. thankfully, I have a forearm, which generally I’m not sure what it’s good for, but today it was there to absorb the impact of the fall. After a couple choice words (similar to, “Oh, shucks, I fell again! Golly!”) I kept on with my new scrapes & bruises to add to the collection. 

We didn’t scale a pass today, but Muir is tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to that one, as I’ve heard the Muir Cabin that was built in 1930 is supposed to be a neat building, and there’s a certain marmot that has taken up residence in it. I love the marmots! They’re like really large, relaxed, laid back squirrels, only huskier, and as big as cats. They love to eat the salty part of hikers clothes, and have been known to eat the parts of backpacks that collect the most sweat. It’s like candy to them, I suppose. They chewed a complete circle around just the inner rim of Grizz’s straw hat while we were camped at Guitar Lake, and they almost got my pants as they were drying on a rock. But they’re so cute it’s hard to get angry at them! I’ve found a method to get them to leave our stuff alone, though. I try to speak in their language, and mix it up a little. I make a high pitched shrill, like this: “Eeeeeee!! Your Mom!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!” No one knows why this is so effective, but it really works! You might just want to try this out at work if you’re having problems with your boss, or at home with your spouse. (Disclaimer: I can’t be held legally responsible for lost jobs, or lamps thrown in your general direction).

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