New Videos & Updates Soon…

Hey all,

I have about 12-15 new videos that are ready to post, but I’ve not had very solid Internet connectivity the last couple of town stops. Just enough to post written updates; the videos take more. Thanks for your prayers & patience.

Please keep a very cool kid named Jordan who we helped a couple days ago on the trail. Possible kidney stones or appendicitis. He thankfully was able to be airlifted to a hospital.


Dug (Rawhide)

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2 Responses to New Videos & Updates Soon…

  1. Hey Rawhide! Glad you are doing well. I just spent a couple daysnights up near the PCT crossing at Scott Mtn. and then spent a few days/nights up at Warner Valley, near Drakesbad, dispersed camped next to Warner Creek, awesome. Juniper Lake was still a little snowy and wet. Drakesbad was nice , but a little touristy, but still kinda cool because I had never spent time on that side of Lassen before. Love my new Ultralight set up wannabe backpack this year! Take care, see ya after the Sierra’s maybe. Wheelchair John!

  2. Gary Waayers Father of Music Man says:

    Rawhide, Hope when you get this that you are still in one piece. No frozen limbs were lost or needed to be cut off. I heard it has been a legendary year in the Sierras. I have a favor to ask. Next time you see Music Man can you tell him his mom lost her cell phone on the drive to Mammoth and he will have no way to contact her. Have him call me. Thanks. I am looking forward to you stories of the past couple weeks. Gary

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