6/19: Tehachapi/Mojave

Hiked in to the Tehachapi/Willow Springs jump-off running on mental fumes. It seemed that when we were 8 miles out, we thought it was 6…when it was 6 we thought it was 3…it just played mind games with my expectations. Otherwise, I felt great, other than my blister. It’s a minor one on my left foot, on the underside of my toe, so it will toughen soon. 

As soon as Leader, Grizzly Adams & I made it to the trailhead, we called a local trail angel & they came & took us to Tehachapi. Lunch, then an overnight visit in California City, outside of Tehachapi, with my former boss Jim, his wife, & their grandson. It was really, really good to see them all again, and good to see Jim relaxed & enjoying life in their new surroundings. Their grandson K.C. is so big now, 17 & running cross country & track & doing well. It was a great visit & I am excited to come back down & visit longer next time…and eat even more fruit bowls & down more daiquiris! 🙂

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