6/17: Aqueduct Walking & Mojave Green

Set off at just before 6:00am today, with Stickman, Sprinkles & Toby Wan. Walked along the Los Angeles aqueduct for quite a while…so much water, and you can’t touch it! Took one if my favorite pictures of the entire trip today, of Stickman walking along the aqueduct, while I was down in a gully, the moon over his shoulder. Loved it!

We eventually met up with Leader, No Pain, Low and Slow, and Grizzly Adams, and enjoyed walking together but separate throughout the day. 

Exciting happenings towards the very end if the day: as I was leading a group of us I looked down and saw a Mojave Green rattlesnake, the 7th rattler of the trip but the first Green. It was fairly young, a little over a foot or so, and seemed pretty docile. We treated it with a very wary, respectful caution, as Mojave Green rattlers are known for being very aggressive & territorial. Their venom is also much stronger & actually works towards shutting down it’s victims internal organs within about 12 hours. so nope, we didn’t cuddle the cute little guy. 🙂

Spent my first night literally sleeping ON the trail, as we decided to make camp. Light had escaped us, the wind was whipping pretty strong, and we were all pretty tired. 22 mikes today, the first back-to-back 20+ mile hiking days! 

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3 Responses to 6/17: Aqueduct Walking & Mojave Green

  1. Thinking of your friend! So enjoy getting your updates and having a peak into your adventure. Keep it up!!!

  2. Oops “Thinking of YOU friend!!!”

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