6/15: Hikertown & Goodbye Flies!

Stickman & I awoke pretty early, and decided we’d try to hike to Hikertown, 26 miles up the trail. We made a brief stop at Upper Shake campground to fill up our water bottles, and ran into Music Man, Alien March and another hiker (blanking on his name). 

As bad as my feet felt yesterday, they felt great today. A good pace & a goal kept us going, along with swapping my iPod back & forth to keep our spirits up with some music. Whoever wasn’t listening to the music would be in front setting the pace & watching for snakes. It worked out well, and Stickman was introduced to Flight of the Conchords. He said he listened to the whole album 4 times, and was starting a 5th…a new fan!

We rolled into hikertown after an awesome hour or so of dusk/night hiking, which was invigorating and beautiful after a day of getting beat on by the sun an incessant flies. Flies. Wow. Persistent, swarming, and showing no regard for our personal space bubbles, they made their home in our eyes, food, mouths, everywhere. Flies, I do not miss you!

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