June 8: Out from Little Jimmy

Had a good day! Hiked about 17 miles out from Little Jimmy Campground & springs. Last night I arrived at the campground at about 7:00pm & no one was there, so I made a fire in a firepit (a rare treat, actually…most times when I roll into camp I’m tired, dirty, hungry, and barely find motivation to get my tarp set up or bag rolled wherever I’m going to sleep. But it was cold, and I knew Magi might be somewhere behind me, & he might appreciate the fire as well. Soon, Plant arrived, and after it got dark the headlamps started drifting, also tired & dirty, up the trail and into camp. Attached to the headlamps were John & Bonnfire…then came Zoop, Orbit, and then Toby & Sprinkles. Everyone was stoked to have a real fire, and after shelters were set up, dinners were made, and stories and laughter followed. Great times. It’s those moments that really refresh me…the hour after hour, step after step grind of each day can wear on a person. Sometimes it’s really hot, and there’s always elevation losses and gains (both are hard on the body), and sometimes there’s not much water, or none at all for miles. It really depends on if the water sources are flowing, or water caches are stocked. Regardless, one of my favorite times of day is when I get to crawl under my quilt & curl up & get some sleep! 

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2 Responses to June 8: Out from Little Jimmy

  1. wow, you are doing so well. keep it up!!

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