June 6: Up & Over Mt. Baden-Powell

Monday, June 6
Fun night last night! Wind absolutely howled overhead, rained throughout the night, and I had a hard time staying asleep. Not from the noise, mostly the ground. My sleeping pad is getting thin, and I’m a side sleeper, so I find I’m shifting from front to back to side to side all night. But I did finally get some good sleep & had some hilarious dreams. 

Mornings like this I find hard to get out of my bag…cold, slightly wet, the water drops frozen on my tarp…but I’m only doing 14-16 miles today, albeit about 4 of them are up an evil maze of switchbacks heading up Mt. Baden-Powell to 9,000+ feet. There’s a fine mist hanging around and the wind will pick up, so it’s a cold day today. 

The weather improved, and as I headed up the side of Mt. Baden Powell I was actually really warm. As I reached the top 1/3 of the mountain, snow patches popped up, and as I climbed higher towards to top of the mountain, they became more prevalent. At one point, the trail became all but lost, and I decided to just blaze straight up the side of the mountain. Since there was no more dirt, just snow, the footing was tricky, but it was a fun adventure. Once to the top, I came across Magi, who  I had first met coming out of Whitewater. Magi is a really good guy, a slow riser in the mornings but a late hiker, and he can put on the miles when he feels like it. (He’s in the video where we stay in a cabin & have a fire in the fireplace).  

The trip down was easy, compared to the way up, and I was glad I was able to finally find a camp spot for the night.

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