June 5: Heading Toward Baden-Powell

I began today, Sunday, June 5, with a PopTart & a trail mocha, and hit the trail just before 8am. I had an amazing morning and afternoon of hiking. Lots of great ideas and things to think on, not to mention incredible views. 

I met up with Toby & Sprinkle,  and we all hiked together the rest of the day. Great people, and really enjoyed being able to hike with them. Sprinkle set a great pace, even though she left me in the dust going up a few steep hills. Took one wrong turn, but it wasn’t long, and the way back was down hill, and through a chair lift area for a ski resort. The weather started turning, getting colder & windier. By the time we got to Highway 2, I knew I wasn’t going much farther. I had put in 20 miles, and from the looks of the map, I was still 5 miles from the base of Mt. Baden-Powell, and I wasn’t liking where the weather was headed. I found a great little spot, shaded from the majority of the ever-increasing wind, and decided my day was done. I would set up camp, crawl in my bag, edit some videos and finish updating my blog. 

As I lay under the safety of my tarp, on a bed of soft dirt & pine needles, I can hear the wind ripping through the trees above. There’s a light rain dropping down on my tarp, and I’m warm and dry inside…

Tomorrow I have 8 miles to the top of Baden-Powell, then maybe another 6 to 8 to get to my next camp spot. I’m really hoping the storm passes by morning!

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