June 3: Deep Creek Hot Springs

Started the day just 8 miles from Deep Creek Hot Springs, and arrived before noon. The hot springs did not disappoint, and I was in and out of the different pools soaking up all of the healing natural spring waters, then jumping into the ice cold river next to the hot pools…it was just what I needed! In the early evening, the remnants of the group I’ve been hiking on and off with staggered into the hot springs, and there was much rejoicing. I hadn’t seen them in almost a week, so it was really great to catch up and enjoy everyones company. 

I headed out the next morning towards the I-15, and the treasures is contained: mainly McDonalds! After a 20 mile day that didn’t  seem that long, I camped overnight at Silver Lake with John & Bonnfire. with only 16 miles until the I-15, we hiked steadily through the day, and even had time to interact with a fairly large rattler. I had been hiking with my eyes on the trail, through a lowland desert marsh with tall grass on either side, and the first I saw of the snake I was actually right next to it. I was heading up the trail, Mr. Rattles was heading the opposite direction, and thankfully nothing came of the encounter. Bonnfire was coming up behind me, and I informed her of our friend, and we figured out a way for her to detour around him. And there was much rejoicing!

By the time we were about 4 miles out from the I-15 & Cajon, John & I were running the hills. McDonalds awaited! We kissed the sign that stated McD’s was .4 miles away, got in line and ordered a 50 piece McNuggets, a double quarter pounder meal, and one food & grease coma. We decided to stay at the Best Western that night (hiker friendly…we got 5 smelly hikers into a room), and the next day hitched into Wrightwood to pick up my resupply package with all of my food. (this saved me a day and a half…otherwise I would have had to wait for the Post Office to open on Monday). Detour, The Bears and I stayed at a trail angels house that night in their yard, and Detour and I both lost at Wii “Dance Craze” to their 10 year old daughter, Emma. Rematch, girl!

The next day our trail angels drove us back to the McDonalds, where I picked up the trail right where I left off. Great day hiking, aside from some blister pain, and the pain of losing my little iPod with all my music to a bathtub laundry incident. (Hint: check pockets before doing laundry!). :(.  No more music. *sigh*. But I will survive! A great water cache awaited, complete with folding chairs, and John, Bonnfire, Zeno, Captain Big Toe, Orbit, and Aaron. I carried on up the mountain, and barely found a camp spot just after dark. Lots of ledges, not much space, but finally I found the only spot it seemed, from here to Canada. A great night of sleep despite rustling creature noises, but warm and comfy!

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