Entry #3: Mt. Laguna Campground (Cleveland Nat’l Forest)…Still hiking!

May 6


Had a long couple of days, lots if good blister-free hiking. Two days ago had an 18 mile day, yesterday was about 12, today has been 10. Started out from Mt. Laguna campground, located in the Cleveland National Forest, where we camped out on the big octagonal lookout deck. There were about 9 of us on the deck, but slept well despite all of the snoring & rustling of sleeping bags. Took a picture & video of the sunrise, which more than likely will make it up onto an update video. It was beautiful! I’ve had a great group of people I’ve been hiking with the last couple of days. As I’m writing this I’m relaxing under my tarp in the shade (anything to get away from the desert heat!), in Oriflamme Canyon, next to a small babbling brook. Rinsed out my socks, & my feet as well, and that’s when my blisterless trail came to an end. On each pointer toe (the ones right next to the big toe) both have big blisters over the fronts. I’m not worried about them too much, just thankful I don’t have any on other parts of my feet. Relaxing until it gets cooler here are Condor, No Pain, Orbit, Fair Lady, and Major Upchuck. A few others rested up & headed out, the rest are waiting for the heat to subside a little. After I write this, I’ll pack up, dip my bandana in the creek, & head back out. Hopefully make another 6 before ending the day!

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