Entry #2: Hauser Creek to Lake Morena (4 miles)

PCT: Day 2


Woke up this morning at 7:00am, slept well despite the border patrol 4 wheel ATV’s that were running up and down the service road right next to our camp site at Hauser Creek. My right knee is killing me on downhills. Feels muscular in nature, so hopefully stretching/conditioning will work out those issues. 

The trail began going directly up a 1,000+ foot climb, which was great. I love uphills! Then I descended into Lake Morena, and met up with Dan (who’s official trail name is now “Alaska”). A quick trip to the store to get some Gatorade (more importantly the bottles I so badly needed but forgot) and then went to work…resting! My knee was hurting pretty badly, so I thought resting it the rest of the day, stretching & hydrating would be the best idea, then head out early tomorrow morning. I took a shower at the campground, washed my clothes, and ate a little. Who would ever think a simple shower & fresh clothes would be a treat? 🙂

Met some other thru hikers today: Zip-Twist, who’s hiking with Mangina; No Pain; and a brother & sister from Albany, NY, Billy & Orbit. Orbit thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail last year, and she’s going to celebrate her 22nd birthday in style this week on the PCT. Her brother Billy is a volunteer firefighter, and a really good guy.

Getting my stuff ready to head out tomorrow, and then bed. My left knee, which was hurting before I left for the hike, tweaked on me tonight. Not happy about that. I was just walking, too, nothing dramatic! I’m really praying it’s all part if getting in “hiking shape,” because if it isn’t it’s going to be a painful journey.  

Have my bivy all set up by the PCT gazebo next to the lake, crawled in & ready to go to sleep, since it’s 8:17 and close to  “hiker midnight,” which is generally 9pm. Sleeping under the stars again for the 2nd straight night. 🙂

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