The Hike Begins!

Well, I’m about to turn out the lights & get a few hours sleep before heading to the border today. Up a little before 5:00am, then scooting over to ‘trail angel’ Frodo’s place to jump in his car & head for the border & the first steps if the hike towards Canada.

I’ll be adding a more detailed entry very soon, but until then keep checking back. From here on out, there will be lots of stories, pictures and videos posted!



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9 Responses to The Hike Begins!

  1. Mianna says:

    Best of luck, Dug – be safe & God bless!! šŸ™‚

  2. Disco says:

    Congrats, Dug! I thru-hiked in 2009 and I’m excited to follow your journey this season.

  3. so excited for you for the trip, cant wait to hear all about it

  4. haha, I bet you got a surprise when Frodo picked you up in *her* car šŸ™‚ But not as surprised as when/if you meet GirlScout. Trail names are tricky things.

  5. S.Kidd says:

    be safe and looking forward to your postings

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