Of Preparations and Possibilities

If you’re reading this right now, I just want to thank you for taking time out of your day to be here. I appreciate that.

It’s been a while since I wrote an article or posted on how things are coming along for my hike. I have been very busy with preparations for the hike. I had heard that it takes quite a while to make a hike like this a reality, what with the logistics of food resupply drops, gear research & procurement, and researching the trail itself. Just knowing how to find water in the desert is a time consuming research task! Which creeks flow during which months…which desert stretches are most dry…what method am I gong to use to make my water potable? So much to consider.

In my case, I have the added responsibility of ‘purpose.’ I chose to do this hike as an attempt to raise money and awareness for a cause I am passionate about. I’m in essence marketing myself and the cause daily, via different mediums, and that in and of itself can be very time consuming and tiring.

And on top of that, work and daily life have the audacity to request an audience. Can’t they see I’m busy? πŸ™‚

But soon enough, less than two months from this writing, actually, my life will drastically change. Gone will be my soft, comfortable bed & pillows. In their place will be the hard ground, and whatever spare clothes I have to use as a makeshift pillow.

I’ll no longer have a house roof over my head, but rather the fibre-thin protective barrier of a small camping tarp…some nights I won’t use even that minimal shelter.

With my bills paid through October and my job waiting for me when I get back, the only ‘boss’ I’ll have will be myself. No one else can walk the 20-30 miles per day for me, nor would I want anyone to.

My motivation, though, won’t be lacking fuel to stoke it. If you read my earlier posts here, you’ll know who and why I’m hiking for. Women and children who have no voice, and no one to speak for them. But, every day, theirs is a situation that is coming more and more into the consciousness and awareness of the world. In fact, January was officially ‘Human Trafficking Awareness Month’ in the United States. Things are changing, and that’s encouraging!

One thing I have just spent quite a bit of time on is creating a letter that I have sent out to friends and family. I will include an electronic copy of that letter here if you did not receive one (and if you’d like me to mail one to you, I gladly will, just send a request to dugisdug@yahoo.com). In that letter I share my heart, some facts, and ask for support. There are many ways you can help to support me: by making a donation to the cause (no money goes to me, my expenses are covered thanks to amazing sponsors, among others…), praying for me, sending me cookies or trail bars to resupply stops with a note of encouragement, and spreading the word by telling your co-workers, friends, families, church, mail deliverer, bail bondsman, dentist, therapist, Bible study, AA group, pool cleaner, restaurant server and anyone else you can think of about my hike. Slap a piece of paper with my website address on it in their hands & tell them they should follow my progress as I hike northward toward Canada, in my attempt to bring awareness to this issue (and raise a few pennies) along the way.

Life for me is about to change. With your help in any of the above ways, life for victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution will also be changing. Drastically and positively.

Please pray for me during these last two months before I hit the trail. There is still much to do and many things could work to try to derail the hike. Also, if you could find a few extra dollars to donate to the cause, it would be massively appreciated. I know that things are not easy in this economy. Your donation will be kept anonymous, and every penny would go to the organizations listed on this website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write or call me.



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4 Responses to Of Preparations and Possibilities

  1. elenamusic says:

    Wow, amazing journey you’re going to venture on! Also, it’s great that you’re doing this for a cause.

    • thf2 says:

      Thanks Elena…I hope you get a chance to follow along when I’m on the trail. Just know that I’m downloading some music inspired straight from your blog to listen to on the trail. Give me three songs I HAVE to bring with me that are three of your favorites…I’ll add them into my “trail mix”…

  2. wow good for you on raising money and helping people out. i did a charity run last year and it was hard to get people on board πŸ™‚

    • thf2 says:

      Hi Laura! Right on, very cool of you! What charity did you raise money for? So far, there have been some nice donations, but I agree, it can be tough…I appreciate you stopping by, I hope you will subscribe and follow along the trip with me! πŸ™‚

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