VIDEOS: your THF2 video guide

I just wanted to let everyone know where you can find videos of my PCT thru-hike

Definitely not my video camera

preparation, as well as updates while I’m actually on the trail.

I will be posting videos in two places: RIGHT HERE on my website, and also on YouTube.

I have a YouTube channel set up, all you have to do is either search “ThruHike4Freedom,” or click RIGHT HERE. It’s that easy!

Or, if you’d like to view the videos from my website, just look to your right on the side bar, and click “VIDEOS.” That will open up a page with each video posted, with the date it was posted as well as the title. Just click on whichever video link you’d like to watch…it will take you straight to that video on YouTube.

Me hiking....


Please subscribe to my blog here, and my YouTube channel, and you will be guaranteed to know exactly when new postings have gone up. I will be putting up more videos weekly between now and the very last week of April, detailing my preparations for the hike and reviews of gear I will be bringing.

Once the hike starts (at the end of April, 2011), I will be uploading written AND video updates frequently, as WiFi access allows.

Please subscribe and leave comments, it will be such an uplifting experience to get messages while I’m preparing for and actually on the trail!

So here’s a test video for you to try:

THF2 Video Promo

God bless,


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1 Response to VIDEOS: your THF2 video guide

  1. r3dg3 says:

    Some guys have all the luck!

    I wish I could have the freedom and money to do that thing you do.

    Good luck in everything you do, man!

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