Just a quick update!

There’s some really cool new developments taking place that I wanted to share!

[] Maybe the biggest has to do with my shelter system for the thru-hike (which will begin for me this coming April). Details are still being worked out, but there will be a post very soon regarding this, and it’s pretty stinkin’ exciting. I don’t want to intentionally keep details so fuzzy, but there’s aspects that are being talked through that I’d like to share in full as soon as they become more focused.

[] The support. I can’t say enough about how much those of you who have been vocal in your encouragement regarding THF2 has meant to me. Putting this together has already been a lot of work. I’m sure my little sister has wondered what the heck is going on when she doesn’t see me for half the day. Is her brother depressed? Stressed? Suffering from an iron deficiency? Nope…none of the above, just researching so many aspects of this project, from so many angles, my head spins. From sending out request letters to gear companies (don’t worry, everyone will get their support request letters later!), to researching clothing needs, gear needs, studying the route, figuring out my dietary needs and food resupply strategies, and even studying up on the flora and fauna of the trail. Each section seems to be so different! So throughout this time, it’d be easy for me to begin to feel a bit overwhelmed…and I haven’t thanks in large part to those who keep the wind beneath my feet. Thank you.

[] My health. As you may have known from earlier, I had injured my hamstring. Just this last week I began training again, and was able to put in a few 10 mile days before I somehow tweaked the top of my right foot. I have a feeling it was due to the shoes I was wearing, but it was bad enough for me to stay off of it as much as I could for 5 days, and ice it pretty liberally. I was limping so badly on it my boss was ready to pull out a wheel chair. Thankfully I gave it a 5 mile test today, and it’s doing well. My hamstring has also improved, yet it is still very sore, very tight, and lacks strength, but improving each week. Thank you for your prayers!

[] iPhone application.  Since when did my hiking blog become a tech specs gear review? Well, a very good friend of mine just celebrated the release of his iPhone app, “Splice.” I am planning to take an iPhone along with me on this thru-hike so that I will be able to update this blog on my travels, and anyone interested can follow along and see if I make it all the way from Mexico to Canada successfully, or maybe fall off a cliff or eat some weird wild berries along the way (and just imagine I made it all the way to Canada!). Anyway, I thought it would be a great idea to upload video as well as still photos. I really wished there was a good app for the iPhone that would allow me to simply and easily create and post videos to the blog. Lo and behold, “Splice” is released, and not only does it look awesome, it’s not expensive. So here’s a shameless plug for “Splice.” Check it out, it’ll be what I’m using to upload videos while on the trail. And congratulations, Steve!

That’s it for now…I’ll have another post up in the next few days with the news that I hinted at above.



Forester Pass - 13, 153 feet (picture: Trimble Outdoors)

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