New Sponsor!

(I’ll be posting weekly updates on my preparations to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail this next April through September. I’m attempting to raise money for several organizations that help others, inspire, and even save lives. The PCT is a 2,650 mile long trail that stretches from Mexico to Canada. Join me in this journey by offering prayers, donations, or simply by subscribing to my blog and following along! )

I just got a new sponsor on board today!

Sponsors are cool things. They assist you when you need it, and sometimes have no idea how much they are helping you.

This is one of those cool sponsors. They fall under “cool,” for sure, but in some ways their sponsorship isn’t very “cool” at all, it’s downright HOT. And that’s exactly how we like it.

Welcome to Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce!

Gringo Bandito: Hot & Tasty!

Gringo Bandito is a venture started by Dexter Holland, lead singer/guitarist for the Southern California band, “The Offspring.”

In an L.A. Times article from 2008, he mentions that Albertson’s grocery stores had begun carrying Gringo Bandito, which he said is “huge for us.” Not sure if sponsoring me with bottles of their hot sauce for my thru-hike will be ‘huge” for the Gringo Bandito, but I know it’ll be great for me! If you haven’t tried it, definitely put it on your list. It’s available through their website, and select stores primarily around Southern California. It’s good stuff, and as of yet not mass produced. Very cool. Or, hot.

I know you might be asking…”Why hot sauce? Why? Why?”

Well…The food on the trail can get pretty bland. A 20 year old college bachelors’ diet of pasta, Ramen noodles and cheap burritos might seem exotic next to the bland dehydrated foods and trail bars used to make meals with so often on the PCT. So I thought, “Hey, if I dehydrate food for the trail, I can use hot sauce while dehydrating it and when I rehydrate it…voila! Flavor!” I’ll pack a little away in a leak proof container as well to add as needed to meals. And I have a feeling the “as needed” will be often.

So thus enters Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce. You guys rock. Literally. I appreciate your sponsorship!

Hope everyone has been doing well. Thanks for those that have been giving feedback on the site, and clicking away checking it all out. I appreciate everyone’s feedback and positive comments. I know it’s a ways off yet, but if you decide you’d like to sponsor me financially for the hike, know that 100% of your donations will be going to the organizations I’m hiking for, and are tax-deductible. Even a $4 coffee drink-sized donation will be amazing.

Also, my hamstring injury is coming along pretty well. I’ve been treating it as best as I can, and taking it easy. Pre-injury I had been walking as much as possible and doing a hike a week in the beautiful Sacramento-area heat, and have missed that. Hopefully I will be back on track in the next few weeks.



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  1. meagan dixon says:

    YEAH!! congratulations

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