The Pre-Trail Journey Begins….

(I’ll be posting updates on my preparations to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail this next April through September. I’m attempting to raise money for several organizations that help others, inspire, and even save lives. The PCT is a 2,650 mile long trail that stretches from Mexico to Canada. Join me in this journey by offering prayers, donations, or simply by subscribing to my blog and following along! )

So here’s to post #1.

Worked all day figuring out how to piece together my PCT blog that you are now reading, and now have an extreme case of computer screen “bug eyes.” Needless to say, I’m not a techie. If you put me on an island, with a computer and a program that I needed to learn in order to stop a diabolical plan to destroy the world…let’s just say I’d hope the island was out of range of whatever was going down!

Just a brief summary of what’s happening at the moment:

Numero 1: There’s a very big “WHY” as to what I am doing, and I encourage you to look to your right on the navigation bar at the “About” section (or click here). It will shed some light on why I am doing this thru-hike, what THF2 stands for, how much money I am aiming to raise, and what it’s all going for. If you’re here and don’t know why, and have no idea who I am, check out “Who is Dug?” at the bottom of the sidebar (or click here). And if you aren’t sure about all the terms used every now and then, I’m going to be working on a Glossary as well. Everything you’d need to know about what I’m doing can be found in that navigation bar on the side, or under the top picture.

Numero Dos: I just found out yesterday morning that the ‘Jacks’ at Jacks’R’Better decided to sponsor me by donating one of their ‘Sierra Sniveller‘ quilts, as well as a quilt liner. Generally they may extend a 10% or maybe 20% discount, but they said they felt that my cause and my desires/heart/etc (paraphrasing) warranted a full sponsorship. This is absolutely huge, as the sleeping system is one of the 4 biggest equipment expenses a hiker can incur. As a single piece of equipment, it generally ranks in cost in the top two. I’m feeling extremely humbled and grateful, and I know I will continue to feel that way every night I am warm and dry in the ‘Sniveller.‘ Another hiker they sponsored not too long ago was Francis Tapon, adventurer/author/multi-degreed motivational speaker.  No pressure.

There’s more on the equipment I’ll be using in the “The Gear List: A Detailed Look” on the right side navigation bar. (Or click above). Again, Thank you to the Jack’s for their amazing generosity and their willingness to believe in me.

Numero Tres: Another fun twist this week was pulling my hamstring while wakeboarding. OK, I have to be honest. I was attempting to wakeboard…just being pulled by the boat through a lake and trying to get up. Then *POP* and pain. It’s the only time wakeboarding or waterskiing where I failed to get up. So, there I was, barely able to walk, explaining to my boss that I couldn’t do much more than smile and wave while working (I’m a studio photographer…so I’m constantly on the ground making funny faces at babies, getting ten 8 year olds to stay still, cooperate and pose, or chasing the family dog around the studio for pictures (yes…people bring their pets in for pictures!). Needless to say, it kills me when I can’t work to my full capacity, especially when my body doesn’t allow me that option.

Anyway…I was putting in 6-12 mile days when I got hurt, so until my hamstring is back to normal, I’m just going to focus on other things.

Thanks for checking out the blog, and please take a look around.

God bless,


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